Saturday February 29, 2020



Here is just a partial list of items that will be part of the silent auction or the live auction at the AALP Dream Auction. The list will be updated weekly, so check back to see what exciting new things are available!

Stonepicker Brewery Glasses & Beer Voucher

Lot #: 10676
Donated by: Stonepicker Brewing Company
Value: $35.00

Stonepicker Brewing Company package includes 2 Stonepicker beer glasses and gift vouchers for 4 Stonepicker beers! Come check out this new, on-farm brewery!

Bottle of Whiskey or Bourbon, Display Case & Glasses

Lot #: 10679
Donated by: Alltech
Value: $130.00

Bottle of whiskey or bourbon, display case and glasses!

MacLean's Ale Inc beer box and swag

Lot #: 10694
Donated by: Joe & Monica Dietrich
Value: $175.00

Includes your own beer glass, 5 tall boy craft beer, beer soap, a medium size hoody and toque and $100 Gift Certificate for more

Wine Gift Basket

Lot #: 10732
Donated by: Wlson, Spurr LLP, Lawyers
Value: $130.00

Gift Basket containing:
1 bottle of NV Cuvée Rosé. The nose hints at ripe red berry, mineral, light spice and subtle anise. The mousse is creamy and fine, but the wine is dry and quite bracing with a long, fine finish of fruit skin, ripe stone fruit and light toast. Sparkling wines such as this, with their hint of sugar, bright acidity and carbon dioxide have all the necessary tools to age well for years.
5 bottles of 2018 Riesling with intense aromas of lime, peach and wild flowers. On the pallet it has mouth-watering acidity and notes of citrus, with flavours of peach and honey and an elegant backdrop of balancing sweetness.

Jackson Triggs/Inniskillin Wine Package

Lot #: 10788
Donated by: Brenda Trask
Value: $150.00

6 bottles of red and white wine, 4 glasses, cheeseboard and pepper grinder.

A collection of beers and spirits from Guelph's own breweries and distillery

Lot #: 10848
Donated by: Agricorp AALP Alumni
Value: $200.00

A sampling of brews, spirits, gift cards and cool swag from Guelph's craft breweries and distillery. Start with sampling a featured spirit from the Spring Mill Distillery and then use the gift card to take a friend for a tour and tasting at the revitalized landmark in The Ward. Next, sport your cool new toque (how Canadian!) while you enjoy a few custom brews from Royal City Brewery. On your way across town, sample the seasonal offerings from from Brothers Brewery Company, located in the downtown core. On the west side, stop for a bite to eat and a signature German pint using your gift certificate to Abe and Erb on route to Fixed Gear Brewing where you can sport your handsome new trucker's cap and sample the offering of the day. Your last stop is Wellington Brewery to the north where you can sample their signature SPA or take a seasonal brew for a spin. They've got you outfitted with some new pint classes and coasters too!

Bottle of Collingwood Whiskey & Canadian Tire Gift Card

Lot #: 10913
Donated by: JDI Cleaning Systems & Alan Berry
Value: $84.00

750 ml Bottle of Collingwood Whiskey & a $50 gift card to Canadian Tire

Willibald Pink Gin Wine & Engraved Whiskey Bottle

Lot #: 10954
Donated by: Willibald Farm Distillery & Grain Farmers of Ontario
Value: $90.00

Triple distilled on our farm from a base spirit of 100% Ontario-grown corn, rye and malted barley. Pot macerated & vapour infused with botanicals before being aged in freshly emptied Niagara wine casks that naturally infuse the gin with its pink hue and fruity bouquet.
J.P. Wiser's Deluxe, 15-year-old, whisky uniquely engraved with the Grain Farmers of Ontario Logo.

Cuban rum and cigars

Lot #: LIVE 10842
Donated by: Mike Carson
Value: $75.00

Bottle of 7 year old Havana Club and Two Cuban cigars

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